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After having contacted over 300 mental health options in the United States, I was guided to Virgil Stucker and Associates. I have worked with them on two occasions where swift action was needed. In each instance their response time was amazingly quick and they were able to offer multiple suggestions for the placement of my daughter. Each time we addressed a new possibility, their follow-up was immediate. Virgil and Stephanie are extremely knowledgeable and working with them made a very tough situation extremely easier. All of my concerns were addressed, my finances were taken into account, the very specific needs of my daughter were well articulated, and the overall experience was professional, personal, and complete.

Former Client, Summer 2019

Midwest, USA

This "journey," as many call it, can get scary. There seem to never be obvious answers, and never in any other area of life do we seem to question our decisions so often! This is another reason why your candid, calmly delivered, expert guidance and feedback has been so valuable to our family! Thank you.

Former Client, Fall 2018

East Coast, USA

Virgil, what would we have done without you?  Your knowledge of programs and process have been invaluable.  It was comforting to have your advice and support.  We are all hopeful now that our niece will see a full recovery.

Former Client, Spring 2018

West Coast, USA

 I just want to express what an amazing consultant Virgil is and how proud we are to work along beside him. His kindness, compassion, professionalism, and consistency stand out in the  field as the best of the best. Thank you, Virgil, for your dedication to helping people live their most purposeful lives.

Jenny Stokes, CTRS, Spring 2018

Executive Director, Pasadena Villa

Thank for your help in our time of need and for doing the important work that you do.  Should we require additional assistance in the future we will be back in your email box.  You helped us in accessing quality resources and in making informed choices.  We would have been so much more lost had we not had to you there to explain to us some basic needed options and related challenges.

Former Client, Winter 2018

Northeast USA

We are extremely happy with our experience with Virgil Stucker and Associates. Virgil is thoughtful, kind, and compassionate, and he connected us via his extensive personal network to many valuable contacts.  Virgil is well-known and highly respected by care providers nationwide.


Most importantly, Virgil was able to gain our young adult son’s trust at a very dark time, and to persuade our son to be invested in his recovery, despite a very unclear diagnostic picture. Virgil guided our son from an extensive psychiatric hospitalization through a transition to a residential treatment center and then through a transition to a semi-independent living house with appropriate outpatient supports. Today, our son is thriving. We are extremely grateful to Virgil, and recognize the tremendous positive difference he has made in our lives.

Former Client, Fall 2017

Southeast USA

Aware of many of the different programs and their nuances, Virgil works with families to try and develop a match between the person and a program. He has numerous contacts, and an intimate knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of many different options, as well as the costs and resources for financial aid, etc.  I have referred a number of families to him.  He is one of my “secret weapons” in my arsenal. He can direct you to the level of care, rehabilitation and complex evaluation that your child deserves.  Virgil can help ascertain the right fit from among a number of excellent options nationwide. 

Mark S. Komrad, MD, DFAPA, Fall 2017

Faculty of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland , Sheppard Pratt Author of, You Need Help: A Step-by-Step Plan to Convince a Loved One to Get Counseling.

You have helped us so much Virgil. You are providing such a valuable service to families. I am capable of researching and making phone calls, but when in the middle of a crisis, the emotional stress is so great that it is hard to function well enough to do simple tasks, let alone the more difficult ones.

Former Client, Summer 2017

West Coast USA

Virgil is the living embodiment of passionate commitment to inclusion, compassion, and the belief that every human being has the potential to become a member of a community which fosters wellness and creativity. His life and his mission are so deeply interwoven that they seamlessly flow through him into others. It is a privilege to know him and to work with him as he spreads good health and good cheer across the most desperate and disenfranchised. 

Barbara Linder, Psychiatric Service Line Director

New York Presbyterian Hospital

You have been such an inspiration to hundreds of troubled folks who have passed through CooperRiis. I consider you a great friend and I am very excited to hear about your consulting career ahead. Your expertise and experience will render you a valuable advisor to families who need to find the best possible environment for their loved ones. We will miss you!

Jay Young, friend of CooperRiis

Asheville, NC

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