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More About Virgil 

Virgil Stucker

Founder and President

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Virgil is a visionary, mission-focused, non-profit leader with over 40 years of experience focusing on the healing power of community, creativity, and philanthropy. He has served as Executive Director and President of seven not-for-profit organizations and founding board member of several others. He was also a turn-around agent for a health care system, a professor for master’s students in philanthropy and is a consultant to other visionaries. He helps good people and organizations accomplish great things through philanthropy and helps distressed families to find a recovery path for their loved ones with mental illness.

Mental Health Experience

Virgil was President Emeritus of the CooperRiis Healing Community in 2017 after serving as founding Executive Director from 2003. Now that the leadership transition is complete, his therapeutic consultation practice is his way of continuing to improve mental health care, his career-long mission. (Please note: He sold this practice, Virgil Stucker and Associates LLC, to Todd Weatherly and Maggie Blake Smith as of October 1, 2022.) 


He and his wife Lis have integrated their lives with therapeutic communities since they met in 1975 at Gould Farm; his leadership roles there included being founding Program Director of Gould Farm’s Boston Program. Next, he was the founding Executive Director of two other therapeutic communities; Rose Hill Center in Michigan and Gateway Homes in Virginia. (He has also enjoyed informal associations with Spring Lake Ranch and Hopewell Inn throughout his career.) Virgil has helped hundreds of families access mental health care for their loved ones.

Philanthropic and Leadership Experience

Virgil was founding Chairman and President of the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care. In Massachusetts: he was founding President of the REACH Community Health Foundation, Vice President of Planning, Development, Marketing and Culture Change for Northern Berkshire Health Systems, President of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, Senior VP of Legacy Bank’s Trust and Investment Services and Adjunct Professor of Philanthropy for the Visionaries Institute of Suffolk University.


Virgil has served on 13 nonprofit boards; currently serving on two.  In the process of assisting creative philanthropists, he has served as founding Board Treasurer (often initial facilitator) for the Berkshire South Regional Community Center, Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center, Sickness Prevention Achieved through Regional Collaboration, the ARIA Fund (Opera Awards),  and various public school endowment funds.  


MBA from Western New England College, focus on non-profit creativity; BA in philosophy, graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Ripon College. Certification as a Development Director from the Grantsmanship Training Center in LA.


Virgil and Lis met and married at Gould Farm in 1976. Lis, a special education teacher and massage therapist, had come to Gould Farm as a German volunteer. Their four children Dominic, Christoph, Heidi and Stephanie grew up in the therapeutic communities in which the Stucker’s lived. They and their spouses Esme, Sarah, Sutton and Matthew added nine grandchildren: Issabelle, Tiegen, Maddox, Myra, Olivia, Rebekah, Eliana, Cass and Frances, each a source of joy for Virgil and Lis. Virgil's parents Robert (103) and Florence (93) have been married 76 years (as of 2022). His father died on February 27, 2022.  

Music and Avocational Interests

Virgil is an avid Native American flute and saxophone player. He enjoys studying astrophysics and continues on a spiritual quest to experience the awe, beauty and goodness of creation.

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