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Stucker, Smith & Weatherly


Todd Weatherly


Virgil Stucker

Retired Founder of Virgil Stucker and Associates LLC

Continuing Consultant to new owners

Todd Weatherly and Maggie Blake Smith


Maggie Smith

(October 1, 2022) Over the last 5 years, it has been an honor to serve around 300 families with a family member experiencing mental illness, each seeking to achieve and sustain their highest levels of functioning and fulfillment. I have had the privilege of 'walking with' wonderful individuals who are now experiencing a greater sense of belonging in the world, a greater sense of purpose and meaning and continued growth in their lives despite their mental illness. I have loved this journey.


Being a Therapeutic Consultant became a capstone of my mental health career, which included decades of helping to develop and lead therapeutic communities. In 2008, I met and hired Todd Weatherly to work with me at CooperRiis in Asheville, NC. As I reached the age of 70 a few months ago, I pondered how I could begin to retire in the face of increasing demand for short and longer term therapeutic consulting services. Who might be willing to step up to the challenges of working with complex and sometimes highly acute individuals and do so with kindness, love and expertise?

Todd Weatherly became the answer to this question, given that he, too, had begun a practice of therapeutic consulting along with his equally capable colleague Maggie Blake Smith. As of today, Todd and Maggie own Virgil Stucker and Associates LLC, now Stucker Smith & Weatherly Therapeutic Consulting. I could not be more delighted, given that I believe that they will help hundreds and hundreds of families in the years to come. I am also honored that they have asked me to be a consultant to them - for the coming decade. 

More about their work will be revealed on this website in the coming weeks. In the meantime you may reach Todd at 828-216-4248 for further information. 


Todd Weatherly, M.Ed.


Maggie Smith, MA

Todd Weatherly, Managing Partner of Stucker, Smith & Weatherly, is a pioneer and leader with over 25 years of experience in the field of health and human services. He is passionate about building programs, creating community, and helping families; a career driven by his deep commitment to serving others.  As a former treatment program Executive Director and CEO, he is a widely sought advisor throughout the treatment community. He has focused as a mental health and substance use treatment and program consultant for over a decade and is a Qualified Mental Health & Substance Abuse Prevention Professional (QMHP/QSAP). Todd lives in the Asheville area of beautiful Western NC with his wife, two teenagers, two dogs, two cats, and a small fleet of mountain bikes. 

Maggie Smith, Co-Owner and Partner with Stucker, Smith & Weatherly, has a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is passionate about connecting people with quality care. She has been in the behavioral health and substance abuse field since 2010 and has emerged as a skilled and compassionate advocate for families struggling with complex diagnostic profiles. Maggie is well-versed in working with adults and adolescents struggling with addiction, mood and personality disorders, thought disorder, and conduct disorders, OCD and anxiety disorders, and more. She continually works to educate families about the mental health treatment process and empower them to move forward in a way that will yield the best long-term outcomes. 

Jennifer Stanger.png

Jennifer Stanger, QMHP, QSAPP, CLC


  Sonja Martin, M.S., CSP, QMHP

Jennifer Stanger, Jennifer Stanger has been working in the mental and behavioral health industry since 2008. She initially worked Business Development roles with various treatment facilities but eventually transitioned out of this role to focus solely on direct services of coaching, case management, crisis management, and treatment placement. She enjoys working with individuals in developing life skills and social norms, equipping clients to find their personal success in recovery and life. Jennifer has established a reputation for her ability to work well with complicated dynamics, as well as thought disorders, personality and mood disorders, and co-occurring substance use. Jennifer has personal life experience in recovery and is a Qualified Mental Health Professional, Qualified Substance Abuse Prevention Professional (QMHP/QSAP) and a Certified Life Coach (CLC).

Sonja Martin earned her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and has followed her passion to serve others in the behavioral health field since 2001. She has served as a child, adolescent and adult therapist in inpatient psychiatric hospitals, community mental health centers, and private practice. She has also served as a crisis interventionist, clinical supervisor of a multi-county mental health/substance abuse/developmental disabilities program triage unit, and clinical manager of a private community-based mental health agency. Sonja also has extensive experience in neuropsychological assessment of cognitive issues including learning disabilities, ADHD, mild traumatic brain injury, and dementia. She combines her extensive behavioral health experience with deep empathy for families with adolescents in crisis. 

Katy Parker.jpg

Dr. Katy Parker, PsyD

Dr. Katy Parker holds a BA and MA in Psychology with her PsyD in Clinical Psychology specializing in substance abuse combined with underlying psychological disorders.  

Dr. Parker's experience ranges from treating the community of disenfranchised individuals suffering from addiction and severe mental illness in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco to being the Executive Director of both residential and intensive outpatient programs. Her work and life have been touched by all the various components of treatment. In her current endeavors she says, “I feel utterly grateful for being in a position to offer help, hope and the possibility of a new future to those in crisis and a resource to my fellow clinicians, individuals and families in need.”  

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