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Case Managment

Long Term Care

Placement and treatment are just one leg in the journey. For many, long term care coordination and supervision is simply part of the path. We work with families on building a long-term plan and finding resources that can be put in place for years to come. 

Crisis Intervention

For those receiving long term mental health care crisis is something that always looms in the shadows for a family. Intervention is all about response time and corrective action. If you have a family member who is faced with severe and persistent mental health challenges that needs lifelong support, having the proper supports in place is key. Knowing when symptoms arise and being able to respond quickly while putting up channels of support along the way make for a much better chance stability and the highest level of attainable independence. 

Substance Use Disorder

Mental illness often comes with co-occurring conditions of which substance use disorder (SUD) is at the top of the list. If you have a family member in need of substance use care for long term addictions issues, sobriety can be tricky to manage. We help build sobriety and independence support resources around our clients where they live so that interruptive and expensive residential treatment can be minimized or avoided all together. 

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